Welcome to OookWorks.

I make innovative lightweight camping and backpacking gear particularly suited to the needs of UK and Northern European users.

The range includes custom inners for tents and shelters, custom groundsheets and footprints, and I often have new ideas that are being developed and tested so it's worth having a look at the OookBlog now and again.

All Oookworks designs are handmade to order, by me, right here in Scotland, so specific requirements can be catered for.

Happiness is a 2OookStar in the Scottish Highlands
" Dear Sean, 

Well after a 4 day backpack from Strathcarron to Fort Augustus I can safely say the 2OookStar for the TS is fantastic. 
As you know I am 6'3" and my brother is 5'9" so space is always an issue in so called 2 person tents. No such problem in the 2OookStar. Not only was it long enough, my most common issue, but the width allows you to store heaps of gear inside and protected from the elements.

The workmanship is first rate as are the materials and of course you got it to me in just 4 weeks. 

At 600g on my scales with the stuff sack, plus the TS at 750g (that includes all pegs, lines and stuff sack) means a total weight of just 1350g for what is an enormous amount of space coupled with the knowledge the TS is bombproof. 

Many thanks once again Sean. 
I do hope your company goes from strength to strength and well done on getting it back up and running again. "

New core range OookNests
The new OookNest for the 2017 Duomid. Larger at 230cm x 85cm.
Weight with silnylon floor - 480g
Usual fabric specifications available.

OookStar XL - see more

Duomid XL OookNest - page coming soon

Half nest for the Duomid XL
Two sizes -
220cm x 120cm wide x 130cm high.
220cm x 105cm wide x 130cm high.

This one is 120cm wide and has a 30d silnylon floor, full ripstop walls and ripstop/mesh doors.
Usual fabric options available.
Contact me to order

IN STOCK - 21 December 2017

Mesh Duomid OookNest

Micro Tarps

MultiShelter OookTubs in 3 sizes

Trailstar OookTubs

Don't forget to check on eBay, for one-offs and bargains. Click the logo to see available items.

Dude, where's my nest?

I'm currently accepting 6 new nest orders per month which are shipping by the end of the following month.

Additionally, 6 delayed back orders are shipping each month.

This will continue until all delayed back orders are complete. I will then re-assess things.

There will continue to be a selection of OookTubs and one-off items available via the In Stock page and bargain bits and pieces on eBay.


MondoMid OookNest - September 2017
Huge half nest for the MLD Mondomid

Custom OookStar - September 2017
Cuben floor, cuben/mesh walls, full mesh front. 340g

Making new templates. These are for the new, larger Duomid OookNest for the 2017 Duomid

Custom Duomid OookNest
Narrower at 70cm. 6" Cuben tub, low cuben and ripstop walls. 315g

Hybrid solo inner with gear loft for HMG Ultamid2 - 320g

Cunning Oook Tip:
Make your own Cunning Doobrie.

If you use Black Diamond Trail trekking poles, a perfect pole joining Doobrie can be made from a short length of 12mm steel tube. You can buy it by the metre from B&Q for about 4 quid.
A 170mm length weighs about 30g and works a treat. Look at some of the photies of the OookNests and you'll see it.

OookWorks Cunning Kit Calculator

A simple Excel spreadsheet that allows you to quickly calculate the combined weight of various kit options. Very useful when planning a trip.