Vincent's Trailstar with cuben & mesh OookStar during a 4.5 week Lapland trek

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OookStar with cuben/mesh walls, Chikara floor - 370g

Other options available - see the Options Tab on the right of this page.

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2016 - 5th Anniversary of the Oookstar!
Featured in Chris Townsend's 2012 Top 10

The Trailstar from Mountain Laurel Designs is an innovative 5 sided tarp hybrid that's now firmly established in the UK and Europe.

Light, fast to pitch, spacious and able to cope with some serious weather.

A lot of folk use a light groundsheet and bivvy bag inside them, but there are times when an inner would be preferable - midge season, anyone?

The Oookstar is the original one person inner designed to fit perfectly under the Trailstar giving you a generously sized space free from the unwelcome attentions of the wee bitey beasties.

From £175 inc. UK P&P
Contact me to order
245cm x 130cm (widest point) x 107cm high

From 420g weight. (Including all tieouts, lowering system etc)

10g silnylon stuffsack

No-See-Um Mesh

30D silnylon floor as standard (Other options available)

Inverted T Zip as standard allowing the entire front to open up.

OookWorks Cunning Corner system for a perfect bathtub.

Height adjustment system for low storm pitches.

Internally adjustable lifters on three main seams.

YKK #3 Zips

Full mesh with 30d silnylon floor - £175

Chikara floor - adds £35

70D PU floor - adds 100g weight

35cm ripstop walls - adds £35

35cm cuben fibre walls - adds £60

As with all my products I can offer custom options... Storage pockets, different groundsheet fabrics, different amounts of solid fabric fabric and mesh....

Just contact me to discuss.