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Photos show the Golite SL3 OookSystem
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Modular system for single skin shelters.
Available as a versatile alternative option for all the OookWorks nests

Use the bathtub floor on it's own, or add the mesh or solid body when conditions demand more protection

Use different bodies with the same floor

Bathtub floor attaches to shelter pegging points

Body attaches to floor using toggles and O-rings and can be left attached for as one pitching

Body extends 30cm into tub - use your mat and kit to hold in place

Two way zip allows access to porch space without having to fully open the front

Bodies available separately from floors

From £175 inc. UK P&P
(full mesh body and 70D PU or 30D silnylon floor)

Contact us to order

Net - 229g (SL3 OookNest shape)

Floor - 188g ( Chikara PU - SL3 OookNest shape)

Floor options - 70D PU, Chikara PU, 30D silnylon, 1oz cuben fibre

Body options - No-see-um mesh, ripstop or a combination of the two

As with all our products we can offer custom options... Storage pockets, different zipper configurations, different fabric combinations...

Just contact us to discuss.